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I was caught drunk driving a vehicle with 55. The vehicle belonged to a friend who was in the car who asked me to drive it but was also drunk however they let her go home. The solicitor who I spoked to while at the station advised me not to get a private one and use the on duty one, as well as to plead guilty.
My court date is for the 18th of May.
As I do not hold a UK driving licence, I was wondering, would they make me surrender the physical copy of my EU driving licence?
Also as I do not have enough money for a private solicitor, if I were to metigate myself, should I mention the fact that I am on antidepressants and that my friend asked me to drive the car or would that seem like an aggravating factor?
Last if I do not have money for the fine and the driving course, can I ask for that to be spread out and when should I ask for this?

Thank you very much!

Martin Hammond

Good afternoon,

I would certainly tell them the reasons you drove the vehicle but I do not see how the medication information will help.

You would not usually be asked to surrender your EU licence but you would still be disqualified from driving here.

Lastly, if you are unable to pay the Court do have a discretion to allow you to spread the payments.

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Hi Martin,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Should I also mention that I have quit drinking for good and I am getting counseling about it?

Thanks again! This site has been massive help!

Kind regards,
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