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Good evening
I am looking for some advice.
I applied for my hgv licence in August 2020. By October I hadn't heard anything or had my licence returned. I contacted the dvla on 2nd October and was advised they had revoked my licence due to 'alcohol dependency'.

I have completed a dr1 form, my doctor has confirmed to them that I have not drank for over 3 years. I attended a medical in January 2021 and am waiting for the results and hopefully revocation removal.

A third party contacted dvla last month and told them I was drinking (which I am not) so I have had to complete another dr1 form.

I am confident i will have passed my medical assessment.

However, I have just read articles on the Internet which state I will have to reapply for my provisional licence and then take and pass my driving test. Is this right? Or will the dvla just remove the revocation and allow me to drive again without taking a driving test?

How long does the dvla take to make a decision? I had my medical over 4 weeks ago and they still say its with their doctor for consideration

Martin Hammond

Good Morning,

The DVLA have a lot of power and can order all manner of things but the usual procedure would be to give you your licence back should they decide you are fit to drive WITHOUT ordering any kind of re-test. As to time scales everything is up in the air due to Covid but I would ring them weekly to make sure they are dealing with it.

Best of luck


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Thank you for your reply. We are ringing them daily, and its very frustrating. I understand with covid but does it usually take so long?
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