Licence refused, how to prove no alcohol for a year?

Convicted Driver Insurance
S88 MAY apply to you, because your conviction was before June 2013.
Can you confirm exactly when you applied this time for your licence back?
Have you had any acknowledgement from DVLA?
What happened when you did not do your medical last year… what did DVLA say to you?
In 1999 were you just convicted of drink driving
or were there any other offences?
Has your GP said that he / she has no concerns about you driving? (You need to ask, not presume)
Short answers would be appreciated as I find it hard reading your lengthy posts!
I'll be keep it short, but I their computer said "yes"


TTC Group
I'd no issues with my gp, it's actually my 2nd app,,, 2001, I was 1 of 000"s who were in error sent license, I had to cancel 2 medicals with the SOAB Co I work for, and I my medical extended, which I as they'd recieved my GP reports back, 7th 08 2018, so my 3rd med cancelled through something as you said, but long posts it wud take, so (how many letters are we allowed,? I'd change the Web page design and get unlim bandwidth, but I've seen far longer than mine, I answer people politely but tend to get a sarcastic reply, so anyway, I'm just riding it out now, so I got my orig docs back 3 weeks ago, so that's a start, so 21 half yrs, so another 6 months won't hurt eh!
You are going off at a tangent AGAIN !!
Can you please read through the questions I asked and reply to each one, with NO extra ‘asides’. Then I can give you a proper opinion as to if S88 applies, and for how long.


Sorry Craig, forgot to mention that I am now scared of complaining to my GP practice because of the power they seem to have over HROs and could go out of their way to stop me ever having a licence!

My husband however thinks I should be complaining to the Practice over this terrible unjust mess they have made and for which I am suffering, not the doctor who made the mistakes in the first place and caused me so much grief. He also thinks my GP wants me to just go away rather than admit he should have completed the form himself, or at least checked it, and is annoyed I have had to challenge the young female GP and rock the boat!

I am back on antidepressants and wonder if this will go against me too (30 mg citalopram daily).

All I can say is ffs 🙉,, my gp said cytalopram is fine as half the country is on it for all sorts of reasons, I take 20mg daily purely for mood swings,, but the ****ers can assume, jump to conclusions and make up what they bloody well feel like,, I wreckon this is all a test they push us way over the edge to see if we'll cave in and drink..
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