Is sr22 still required for me?

Convicted Driver Insurance


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I was convicted of dui in 2012, first one, I completed the probation and just finished the state mandated education class, but since it has been over 8 years, 7 since the end of my initial suspension am I still required to have an sr22 when I reinstate my license?


TTC Group
It might depend on where you live in the USA.
Many states require a SR22 for 3 years but some require them for longer.
It also seems that you should have put a SR22 in place when your suspension finished, even if you did not apply for re in statement. You can have a non owner SR22 from that time.
Best advice is to enquire with an insurance company to see if one is still required. If indeed you should have had an SR22 from the end or your suspension you could face consequences for not doing so.
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