Convicted Driver Insurance

Toni Warren

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I’m looking at being convicted for drink driving on the 28 if this month, but still need to keep my insurance cover in case of fire and theft and would like to add an additional named driver on my insurance with me being unable to drive. Will I have to inform the insurance when doing this with regards to my conviction? Is my premium liable to go up even though I cannot drive? Please advise as my vehicle is not parked on private property.


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As you will not have a driving licence, you cannot hold car insurance. Your best bet is to get someone else to insure it in their name if you want it insured whilst sitting idle. If it is not on private land, you will also still have to pay for car tax as you cannot SORN it unless it is kept on private land.


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You can get your no claims to carry over for 2 years but you can’t hold car insurance in your name
Have you a family member who could take it over
In the end I sold mine as too much hassle as you need to have it driven regularly etc
Unless you think you are going to get a short ban & do the course but the shortest time is going to be over 9 months


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If they already have insurance what’s the best way to do this and how will it effect my no claims discount?
Someone can have 2 separate cars insured, they can't use their no claims on both though! You have to earn separate no claims unfortunately. They may be able to get a multi car policy with their insurer for better terms though?

As January says, most insurance companies will hold no claims as valid for 2 years (a few will accept up to 3 years). Because of Corona, I fell foul of this and lost 9 years no claims and had to restart with zero when DVLA finally gave me my licence back.
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