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I have very recently been banned from driving with excess alcohol

I am the policy holder for my car, my fiancé is a named driver, both fully comp

Is that policy still valid for my fiancé now that I am banned?

The policy expires in November so considering not renewing and just taking out a fresh policy next month

Any advice greatly appreciated

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Hi mattnorg1976, good question and hopefully this will help!

I would strongly recommend contacting your current insurer as soon as you can, as depending on their terms and conditions your policy may be invalidated if you are currently on a ban.

Having said that though, they may be fine to continue the policy but definitely worth contacting them to be extra safe.

If they say that the cover is not in place now or that they would not offer you a renewal, then please do get in touch with us here at A-Plan in Basingstoke as we would definitely be able to help and can also offer policies that would exclude you from driving whilst on a ban but keep your fiancé covered.

Hopefully this is helpful!
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