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Hi all,

This might seem a bit of a complicated question so bear with me!

I’m currently insured on my current car with 1 year No Claims Bonus while declaring my previous DR10. My DR10 will become ‘spent’ in July next year therefore I will not need to declare it to my insurance company. My policy is up for renewal next year in October, when I will have 2 years No Claims Bonus, but then I will effectively have been paying for almost 4 months insurance at a slightly inflated rate due to declaring the conviction.

My question is this; I have 3 options currently and would like to know what is the best in terms of being better off in the short term and long term:

1. Continue like normal and then just remove the conviction once the policy is up for renewal.

2. Call up my insurance company in July and remove the conviction (if this affects my current price then great).

3. Cancel my policy on July, and get a new one without the conviction (obviously this means I will then effectively have to start from scratch with the year towards my 2 years No Claims Bonus)



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Some comparison sites let you put your driving licence number in so they can see what's what . I would try some of them and see what impact it has.. as your not commited in anyway and judge which is the best way to go forward .. my advice would be to complete your 2nd year in full


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I agree with Jamdpa, see out the year.
I doubt that the insurance company would adjust the premium in July anyway, cancelling your policy in July would incur cancellation charges and rob you of this years no claim discount Going forward, you only get credit for full years.
The loading for a drink driving conviction reduces year on year and it is not much usually in e final year.

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Thanks for the replies,

I completely agree with you both here - I think that the extra year NCB will more than outweigh the short term benefits and as you say Price, whatever savings are made in the short term will be negated by cancellation fees and all the ‘administration’ that goes with it.

I’d really love to know what the general insurance company formula for weighting convictions is though.

Once again, it’s one of those waiting games, even if it is just until the conviction becomes spent!
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