Insurance issue – UK

Convicted Driver Insurance


My partner (yes, really) was involved in a RTA on Jan 6th. No one was hurt and the police attended. Her car was a write off and the third-party's took a modest knock (Land Rover versus small Fiat).

My partner was breathalyzed and was positive. Her final reading which will go to court was 59 micrograms (just under the UK's second tier that goes on from 60Mgs)

Problem is that we've been waiting for the third-party to make contact – details were exchanged but my partner lost the one given by the 3rd party when her pockets were emptied at the police station.

We hadn't reported the issue yet to the insurance company. I have cancelled the insurance from 2 days after the crash and the car was taken to the recyclers.

I have just dropped a note through to the insurance company today – by email. I have to confess I haven't been keeping my eye on the procedures while I am dealing with the emotional breakdown by my partner (she's horrified by what has happened and has lost the plot a bit – won't touch a drop which is good I suppose).

I just wonder if I will be penalized for not ringing them up on the day – which was chaotic to say the least.

Thanks :(
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