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In charge of a car parked in a layby on a residential street whilst unfit to drive due to drugs


New member
I was parked in a layby on a residential street, I had taken drugs and started the car as I was cold and at that time living in my car as I had split up with my girlfriend. Due in court end of May.
The police arrived and I was arrested, I was charged and for the in charge situation and for possession although they wanted to call it driving whilst unfit.
I had no intention of driving as i was doen to very low petrol and only wanted to get warm.
Do I have any options?

Martin Hammond


If you were charged with the 'being in charge offence' there is a defence. If the Court can be convinced that you were not intending on driving further until the drugs had left your system then you could run a trial and potentially be acquitted. Obviously there are lots of factors to be considered before you enter a not guilty plea however, such as a loss of credit for running a trial, would you like one of our team to give you a call and go through your options?