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I can't get a job.


New member
I recieved a DUI or DWI 2 1/2 years ago. I'm from Alberta Canada, I think the province witht the most Impaired Driving convictions.
A lot of the convictions come from people within the Oil Industry. Mostly because it is our largest industry. And becasue in this industry it's not un common to be away from home 3 out of 4 weeks in a month. People I'm guessing go through their phases.

But anyways, in the city I'm from. I absolutely can't find a job. Everywhere is either asking for a Criminal Record Check or more commonly for a Driver's Abstract.

The problem is, is that most companies are asking for a driver's abstract simply because it's a company policy. And not because the position requires any driving. Having a DUI on my driver's abstract, I stay away from applying for jobs that require driving. I don't have any tickets, and since my DUI I have been working for the lowest pay I've had since I was 14-16 years old. The minimum wage has been raied I beleieve nearly 3$ since then as well. And still, the lowest pay. I'm getting tired of this POOP!:mad:

How the hell am I supposed to get a job!!?


New member
Hi there,

What field are you trying to get into?

Have you thought about any work-from-home positions? A number of cooking, writing, data entry, etc positions exist that you can tackle from home. You may need to hire a third-party driver to complete the transaction, but it's doable. I understand you are already avoiding driving-heavy positions, but some employers are scared off because they worry about your reliability commuting into work day in and day out. If you work from home, this fear is eliminated. Check out ClickTecs or other "content writing" companies and see what you can do.