How long will a renewed medical licence last?

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I self reported to the DVLA as an alcoholic and was given a one year medical ban.

I stayed sober for a year and was issued a one year licence after my medical results.

Tomorrow I am going to send my papers to renew, as my one year is expiring soon.

Will I definitely have to do a medical again?

And does anyone know how likely my new licence is likely to last?

Having to do this every year would be a bit og a pain, as I assume I'll be unable to drive because I'll likely be waiting for results once my 1 year licence has expired.

I believe they do it for 6 years because they need 6 years of clear medical history, but I've read comments that sometimes it's only 1 year. Seems to be a lottery. Actual drink drivers get an easier ride than people reported on medical grounds who've broken no laws, nor even pose any risk.

eta: just to clarify I mean they issue 1 year temp licenses for 6 years. However I don't believe you have to stop driving while applying like you do in the first case. Section 88 or something? Someone else can clarify that.
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