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So, after months of waiting I’ve finally been informed that DVLA are going to approach my GP for further information. Despite me filling in a separate D4 form from my GP that I have no issues regarding alcohol dependency or misuse or mental health issues in the last six years. You couldn’t f*****g make it up. This process started 8th of August. I’m now 14 working days away from the end of my ban. F*****g P*ss take.
I’m just giving up. Fk the lot of them. On top of everything else that’s going on, I just can’t be bothered with this fight anymore. I’ve got bigger problems on my plate at the moment, as some of you will know. This is the last thing I needed.
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You should b good.. I'm in the same boat as u.. I just think if you haven't mentioned any dependency to your GP before your should be good.. I contacted my GP an requested my medical history/results.. I was able to get this from the day I was born till today date.. theres nothing on there to show dependency, just says I smoke cigarettes 2-5 a day.
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