Convicted Driver Insurance
Thank you everybody, I'm trying to get as much help as possible. I feel slightly more stable today but it's a roller-coaster. This feels like rock bottom but I suppose we have to be strong. So many of you have given me words of hope and support and it means a lot. I don't know what I would do without this forum.

Court in just over two weeks. Just let it be done.
You probably are at rock bottom but the good news is that you will get through this and you will rise x
To be fair , how your feeling is how many people who when I lost the plot years ago,wrong crowd,Drugs, Meth,Crack,smack,PCP,Speed,Cannabis,Ketamine ,Benzos, Cocaine up the mainline , Beer,nothing below 9% ,and all that was before lunch , I got chewed up ,spat at , and assaulted,lost a 13k job in 2001!with a company car , they locked the car up as well as me , but as for I'll not write that word that I've known 3 people committ , don't go there , especially on here, I'm not sure if your actually banned from driving !?but if you aren't ,and it's your GP wanting to stop you temporary from being on the road,you sound like it would be cutting your legs off ,and trust me,it is !you would soon know how much Shoe leather you ware down !because I mention Anxiety,Depression,and a feeling like not a minority anymore are post the 2nd outbreak of covid ,I've had people I mentioned before who I once trained "how did I get through it ",and I said I Did to others as they did to me,but ran faster before the police got there and ( joke btw)it's because I had this egregious,bad desire to love the feeling "How the mighty have fallen",,it's Tough at the Top,but Tougher on the way back down , but that Don't wanna be around etc, I'll give ist advice , don't talk or spill your guts out to too many strangers because there's plenty *snakes in the grass* on here , that S word ,well,if a snake Hissed to DVLA medical group then you'd be off the road until you've seen a Psychologist , had X amount of reports , stabilised on Anti depressent,that can take a few changes of meds until you start to feel NOT NORMAL but as though you aren't just Existing ,As for your fella,Horses for Courses,best thing is stay out of Revenge dating , it ends in more tears , if your heads up your backside ,no one but a medical professional and yourself ,Substance , Even Caffeine free, will get you back in a world which is *As good as it's gonna get *for a long time , we are facing the worst nuclear threat since 1962,and that was a week , All news is , it's either tabloids telling you Elvis has been spotted outside The Memphis Hotel in the gay quarter of Blackpool , or Liz Truss is gonna Make Great Britain Great again , the rest is yesterday's news ,if , and It's not gonna happen ,ww3, then I'd not wanna get burned 1000x more than Chernobyl workers , im in charge of my life ,if I had to lay my body out in the Second Wave,I'd do it with a smile , if I couldn't live in peace ,I'd die in peace .But don't mate talk that word on here, there's more monitors than The Bronx Intersection to cross into Rykers Island .
Good luck , chin up , no, the other one , arrrrr, joke, hope ya smiled , DUI is for Fools the first time , Second time,well I'd be a Mule ,and after being back on the road 10 months now I'd not have a Liqueur chocolate Xmas night and drive , Have I got sympathy for multiple time offenders , I've more sympathetic thought about Charles Manson not getting a record deal in 62, pick ya self up Milly/Molly ? And get some order b,make an inventory , Don't say your Fine , that means *Fxxd up,Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional , I wish you well , I really do , god, I picked a bad time to quit Glue ! Only kidding , watch some fun movies , even go thr Gym,natural Highs are better ,but don't be put off by being offered help,and normally help comes also in the form of a daily pill, if you are offered Citalopram , Prozac,Mirtazepine,they are common SSRI ,modern drugs,not like* One flew over the Cookoos nest * drugs ( your grandad will recall the movie ( your young , and look at it like this to sum up
Life is precious , when things go wrong , "It's like a Dropped stitch in life's Tapestry"
It can be easily repaired , and respect to the guy who answered you first , safe,have pause, breath,and forget about The BOY , he doesn't deserve you , you gotta love yourself before any one else , ✌️🙏🙏🙏🙏
Aw bless.. nice to know with still have unity on this place they call earth.. we should all start some petition.. whether we get are license back or not.. DVLA treat you like hard earned criminals.. sure we shouldn't of been drink or drug driving.. but the way how they make u feel is a joke.. if I was DVLA, which I'm not lol i would get everyone a second chance an if they **** up again that's on us.. BIGGER FINE, LONGER BAN simple
Thank you, it's traumatic enough without all that. Couldn't be arsed with the psycho ex!!!!

Coostie and I have quite similar tales as it happens. Yes it's true, a DUI can take your job, your relationship and your home just like that guy on the ad said. What the ad fails to mention is anything to do with the topic of HROs, nor the exclusion clauses in the motor insurance contracts of Admiral plc et al. Had they said that, maybe I'd have bloody listened, rather than lost my shirt, my relationship, my digity and my reputation.

I have been there too and rued ignoring that bloody advert (I can still hear him mimicking his Scottish boss). But you know what, we get through it together. :) It took a lot from me, but - thankfully - not the love of my kids nor my career nor my health (when I stopped being dick), and those three things along with hope are all I need. :)
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