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Around 6 weeks ago i was released without bail investigation ongoing and still awaiting results. My car was collected by the insurance company and is now being held in their repair garage pending police outcome. My husband who was not involved in the incident is also a named driver so cannot drive the car currently.

I did not hit another car or person, i mounted the curb on a corner and hit a street name sign and subsequently stopped.
I was not breathalyzed on scene by the police officer but a neighbour (this was 200yd from my house) said he said i seemed confused and smelt of drink. I had drunk alcohol the day before but not that day. (incident happened early evening).
I believe I was positive for mouth alcohol only on one of the 3 breathe tests performed at the station, I do not know any readouts as nothing provided to me. I was noted to be confused and unsteady.
I do have severe depression for which i am under treatment for as well as medical problems that i was being investigated for which they were informed of.

I was discharged almost 8 hours later having missed 2 lots of medication and only given water (without full medical assessment, only nurse who attempted to take bloods and failed) given in an accident and confused, they said i had been threatening either myself or maybe people???, i don't recall this at all and was talking to myself in the cell which i think i did as i was bored. I dont remember if i could recall my medications or if even asked.
I was interviewed but i do not really recall the questioning details and was taken to the room in a wheelchair as my balance seemed to be worse despite being walked into the station.

The police cleared my belonging out the car but left my mobile phone on scene in the car. I could not recall my husbands mobile number or landline and they refused to contact my parents as they were elderly (although still independent and could drive or at least let my husband know where i was). He only found out my location after contacting my place of work, hospitals, relatives and friends and phoning the police stations.
I had not been told i could not drive by the medical team at this point from an admission two weeks previously.

As i remained confused for me and unsteady the following morning i was taken to A&E and admitted for 4 days. I have been advised not to drive or work till medical review appointment in December with my hospital specialist whilst i have further medical investigations. I still have vertigo and balance problems and been T Total completely since the incident as this has scared me.

Main questions - how long does it normally take for urine results? Can they take the car if there are other named drivers (not impounded)? My family and friends have questioned their procedure?
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