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First time in court


New member
Yesterday, Thursday 11 June at roughly 1pm i was pulled over by the police, breathalysed and failed the roadside test.. I hadn't drunk that day, but had a fair amount the previous night, nothing to eat or drink, other then few sips of a can of coke that morning. I blew 40mg at the station and was charged and im due to appear in court in a months time.. i didn't have a solicitor at the station(I declined to). I've tried to speak to CAB today with no joy. Im wondering what i should do. Go to court plead guilty and accept my punishment. Speak to the Duty solicitor or get a solicitor before my case.. i don't want to complicate things in court by saying "it was drinking the night before" as I'm guessing it doesn't matter the result is the result regardless. After spending nearly 10 hours locked up yesterday I do not want to go to prison

Martin Hammond

Good evening.

I would always advise taking a solicitor along with you as duty solicitors can get very busy, but to take a solicitor along will cost money, usually between £500 and £1000. Obviously it will have a big impact on the result having someone who knows.you and the case well but if finances dont allow try get to Court early end get in front of the duty solicitor before they get busy.

I hope this helps.