Failure to Provide charge dropped

Convicted Driver Insurance


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I was charged with failure to provide and dangerous driving after crashing my car. I pleaded guilty to Dangerous Driving but not guilty to f.t.p.. The Failure to Provide was dropped in light of my guilty plea to D.D. ( I had been taken to hospital where I agreed to having blood taken but dr couldn't find a vein, I then couldn't provide urine sample so had been charged). My problem is my insurance company are refusing to pay out, not because of dangerous driving but because I was charged with failure to provide, even though charges were dropped! Is this right or should I appeal? If id had my day in court, after pleading not guilty I'm pretty sure I would have been cleared of this charge !! Has anyone else been in this position and what was the outcome? I don't want to spend more money fighting it if I have no chance of winning ☹️
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