Error at police breathier?

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Hello ..
On the 23rd of July i was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.
I was taken to the police station and i gave 2 Breath specimens. The first read 053 and the second read 051.
At the present time i am attending a drivers rehabilitation course to decrease my ban from 16 months to 12 months.
When the tutor seen my 'Breath Alcohol test record' he informed me that the machine was not calibrated at the correct level. The simulator check was 034 opposed to the 035 that it should have been. He also stated that if my solicitor had seen this, this case would have been cancelled and i wouldn't have appreared at the magistrates because the breathalyser machine was inaccurately calibrated at the wrong level to begin with prior to been breathalised.
Please can you you give me any guidance or advice if this may be

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Same answer as to your question on the other part of the forum:
Unfortunately your tutor is wrong. The normal calibration is 35 but there is a range at that point which is acceptable, which is plus or minus 2, so a calibration of 33 to 37 is within parameters. The case would certainly not be cancelled as there is nothing wrong with 34.
What happens is that the machine draws in gas from a bottle that contains a known amount of ethanol, which should produce a reading of 35. This can vary according to various factors including temperature and barometric pressure. If the reading is outside that range the machine displays High or Low Abort, and does not work. It also does the same test at the ends the process after your second sample, to check that it has not gone out of range during you samples being provided. This is self calibration. You also see a series of zeros between these calibrations and your 2 breath samples, this is the machinery resetting itself to ensure that there is no carry over from the previous sample. Again if these are not zeros, the machine stops.
Can I ask who the Course Provider is? as information like this, which can cause confusion and indeed anger, should not be given. Send me a PM if you do not want to say in public.
Help there and thanks for putting my mind at rest.
The police station I was breath used was

5 Ton Pentre Police Station Maindy Road,Ton Pentre, PENTRE, CF41 7HA

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Your welcome,
my question was not about the police station but the name of the company that is running the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course that you went on where the tutor told you the wrong thing.


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Thanks, glad it is not my firm, our trainers are well trained before they are let loose, and many are ex police so I would expect them to know about this. I will pass this on, and you tell the tutor when you go back in for the next day.
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