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Hey I'm up for my renewal now in oct. I lost my liciense for 12 months cause I refused the breathalyser. I was lucky should have got 18 months. Just wondering if anyone can give me any advice on wat the medical entails. I enjoy a few beer or a few glasses of wine about 3 nights a week after a 13 hr shift. Do they check ur gp results or do u have to go to another doctor. Any help tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Thread resurrection..and first post......sorry.

Another N. Ireland victim here......mine's a wee bit different.

My DVLA scrutiny continues....
Long story short....3 possible TIAs last August 2022....put onto statins and 75mg aspirin by stroke consultant...scans done....all fine since then.

DVLA informed and forms filled in to allow them to see my medical records and also car insurance informed.

By law no driving for 3 months... that's sensible which I did

DVLA said there was backlog in investigations.... imagine!

Forward 10 months.... letter arrives from DVLA asking me to see my GP about my "alcohol" issue.....??
Then I remembered when I was talking to the stroke consultant August 2022 I mentioned that previously I had been drinking too much recently and I thought that may have caused the TIAs.
I was just being truthful.....wish I hadn't been now.

Alcohol has been well and truly knocked on the head since then....far too dangerous.

So the DVLA must have seen that as a red flag....my GP sent their form back to them saying that there is no history of alcohol misuse but did mention the stroke consultant's notes on my admission of drinking too much.

Roll on this week.....phone call from Kingsbridge Private Hospital Belfast to come in for a medical and blood test at their Psychiatry Clinic arranged by DVLA.
The apppointment is 3 October.....I can assure you there won't be one drop of alcohol in my blood stream between now and then after reading earlier posts.

Asked my GP yesterday about my liver function tests and he said they were all recently normal .....they had been high before that but that was due to my lymphoma (2012) & subsequent chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs (2018 onwards) washing through my liver.

I am guessing this medical is happening beause i have been on low dose antdepressants for the last 30 years and now alcohol has been thrown into the mix.
Under no circumstances do I want to lose my licence.... that would kill me!

Perhaps I'm being too negative but I didn't really expect this.....and on top of that it's now over a year since I had my last TIA and I have been driving happily since December 2022.

This should be "interesting"

Btw are medicals not only for HROs......or am I actually one because of the provoked TIA/seizure?
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