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My licence was revoked for medical reasons, and I did receive a disqualification for drug driving over the limit (not impairment). Although I am not classed as a HRO, I was required to attend a medical assessment and urine screening, which has taken a year since my application to arrange, which I did attend, and was assured by the Dr she could see no problem with my being granted my licence back. However, I have now received a letter informing me I have to repeat the urine screening as "unfortunately the seals on the bottles were not sealed". Is there any legal recourse please to have this decision changed about having to go through this medical again due to their incompetence, as I believe there is no legal requirement for me to have this medical assessment? My Father is very ill and now needs full time care, which I am unable to contribute to without transport. Please advise what my options are, as I have read on this forum that chain of custody errors requiring repeat medical screenings seem to be a regular occurrence, which, at the expense of the DVLA seems a ridiculous waste of money....

Martin Hammond

Good Morning,

Unfortunately I do not know of any way to deal with it other that to do what the DVLA require. You can list it with a Magistrates Court and ask them to overturn DVLA decisions but in most cases such as this, they would agree that the circumstances are unfortunate but still insist that you do what the DVLA require. Sorry that I don't have a more useful solution.

Kind regards
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