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Hi everyone.

First post here.

I was convicted and charged with failure to provide a specimen of breath, received a 3 year ban.
My ban is up in December.
I did some research and found out I had to sit a medical as a high risk offender.
The research led me to this page.

I have a terrible needle phobia and simply cannot even look at needles. (watched EastEnders other night, some girl was self harming) I had to sit on floor I got light headed. Its ridiculous but I cannot help it. Its been like this since I was a kid. COVID Vaccinations I pasted out on both and still had 10mg Diazepam in system.

I phoned the DVLA prior to applying for my license, asking if there was an alternative tast than Blood test for CDT, because if there was no test then I would just stick to public transport (Yes my fear is that great of needles). I was told there was and to simply apply, the doctor would review my case and provide a different test. I went straight to post office and go my application sent off. Two weeks go by and I receive my Medical Letter, I phone up and book in for the medical. The doctor said that I must have a blood test and that there is no alternative methods and also not to waste her time. (Rude). I decided not to go through with it. I phoned DVLA up and requested a refund as I wont be having medical. Once done I get a phone call moments after from someone else from DVLA medical team who apologised, he said look we made a mistake there is of course alterative tests to be done and to provide a letter from my doctor showing my Needle phobia. That I should go to the medical with a copy of this letter and they would talk with my doctor etc. No bloods will or shall be drawn.

I then attend the medical, doctor says no its blood test like i said on phone. I showed the letter and then she phoned her direct line to medical team at DVLA who said yes I have a needle phobia and the doctor was not happy. I filled out the questionnaire and she said look, to gain your license back you must have bloods drawn its as simple as that. No ways around it, Needle phobia or not. She took payment and then asked said I could go afterwards.

I phoned DVLA up afterwards who said yes its blood test, but they will review my case.

Where do I stand ? What is going on ? Do they even have alternative tests or will they simply just refuse based on Zero bloods taken.
Surely I am entitled to a full refund due to the circus of misinformation given.

Sorry for the essay, just really frustrated with the whole process.

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