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DUI electric scooter in Germany help.


New member

I wonder if someone could offer a little advice please. I am a uk resident with uk license.

I visited germany in early January 2020 for the weekend. Stupidly on the way back to the hotel after an evening of drinking I picked up an electric scooter to get back not thinking about any potential consequences given that we do not have these ‘lime’ scooters in the UK. (This decision has really taken its toll on me so I don’t need any further judgement please I appreciate this was extremely naive) I was on the pavement and did not cause any accidents.

On the way back I was stopped by the police and blew over the limit (0.7, but cannot be 100% sure due to the language difficulties with the police) I was taken to the police station where I was given a blood test and asked to pay a fine. I paid 1043 euros at the police station.

We are now in April and I have not heard anything further, I’m fully expecting something else to come through but what would normally be the procedure here and how long would it take ?

My main question is...should this end up with further charges and perhaps in a German court what are the consequences and would a potential driving ban in Germany transfer onto my UK license. I need my driving license for my employment in the UK. I currently have no convictions and have no points on my license.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you


TTC Group
German drink drive laws DO apply to electric scooters.
A reading of up to 1.1, I believe, is dealt with without a court appearance.
I think you will find that if your reading is below that then you will lose your ‘fine’ that you paid and it was that high because of you being a foreigner.... the usual amount for a German is about 500 Euros.

Assuming you gave then your U.K. address you may receive some German paperwork that you should have someone translate to see where you stand, but as a general principal EU countries CAN ask for offences there to be enforced in the U.K. courts. As you have already paid a hefty amount I think in practice they would be unlikely to do that.

To answer your specific question about a ban...... A disqualification in Germany is NOT a ban in the U.K., we have no reciprocal arrangement where we recognise each other’s bans.
If you are planning on returning to Germany then you should certainly deal with any paperwork that comes through but if you made a ‘one off’ trip in January then you may well be OK to ignore. (But check he paperwork to see what it says)