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Drunk in charge Scotland


New member
Had a row with the other half at a hotel in scotland. I left the hotel during the altercation and didn’t want to go back so I sat in the car. It was early morning around 4.30am. He then came and sat in the car too. I was in the drivers seat but he had the keys. Minutes later the police rocked up. Cuffed me at the car, breathalized me and took me away for ‘drink driving’ I was then however, released 14 hours later with a court date for ‘drunk in charge’ I’m confused as to why they arrested me for drunk driving but charged and released me with drunk in charge??

Drew B

Well-known member
I think if you had the keys in your possession you would have been charged with drink driving, but since you partner was in possession of your keys (the police would have taken everything off you when they put you in a cell, so no car keys were listed as on your person) it was drunk in charge.
I could be wrong, I am no solicitor - it's just something that comes to my mind


Well-known member
Hi Topaz
Might be worth a Solicitor that deals in DD, you might only get points on your licence instead of ban depending on the facts and circumstances but they can advise


Well-known member
I would also recommend getting a DD solicitor and have them help you put in the leg work to secure points instead of a ban. Your insurance with points will be better than your insurance with a ban on record. A solicitor is well worth the money, really helped put my mind at ease in the run up to court and helped me secure a much lower fine than I expected.