Drug driving continued

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Also I was told by the police officer that it was likely that I would be stopped again and as far as I'm concerned I haven't been charged with anything and only happened 2 weeks ago aswell as being stopped yesterday and I thought that you were innocent until proven guilty but clearly not in this case. This has made me frightened to drive my car with the thought of being stopped and testing positive again and going through the whole process again for no reason but to inconvenience me. I might as well be banned from driving right now if I'm feeling this way


I see what you are saying but it is hard to combat this as they are going to say the previous test and their interaction with you leaves them to suggest that they have cause to suspect you are a drug driver.

If you feel strongly you can report it to the IPCC or the inspector in your local station.
I have researched the medications I'm taking and how certain ones can cause a false positive and even the duty sergeant commented that he could see that I wasn't impaired in any way and it was just one of them things

Martin Hammond

I'm sorry but that's one that is impossible for me to answer.

Lawyers go through every bit of evidence and using years of experience find defences and procedural errors, but I could not list things that could potentially be a defence as I would be here all week.

I think at this stage the best advice I could give you is to get your blood sample sent off for analysis and be careful what you read on web searches as there is a lot of bad advice out there.

Best of luck with your case.
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