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Hi Martin

Around this time last month I was pulled over by police. I had a roadside drug test and tested positive for cannabis. Back to the station for bloods etc etc.

I was un educated on the topic at the time, as I didn't think I was under the influence since I had consumed the cannabis the night before I was pulled (around 20-24 hours). Because of this, I'm not 100% if I will be found guilty even. Driving is essential to me at my age. Gutted I got caught out by this stupid mistake. It's definitely put me off cannabis going forward.

I'm under investigation at the moment and waiting for my results. I'm only 20 years old, what are my chances of being able to get out of a disqualification? From reading a couple of threads I can see you think my chances are best if I employ a solicitor to check over my procedure whilst in custody?

Let me know your thoughts on my situation.

Kind regards

Martin Hammond

Good afternoon,

Yes the chances are quite high of you being charged but you never know.

If you plead guilty you will certainly be disqualified and whilst hiring a lawyer to look into a defence is a potential option, be prepared for it being expensive. There is a lot of work involved in creating a strong legal challenge and the costs soon mount up.

My advice at this stage is just to wait to see if you are charged and if so call some of the specialist firms and take some advice on your options.

Kind regards
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