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28 Days! Were you charged with Drunk in Charge? You did blow 135 which is nearly 4 times the limit in England so I am amazed you only got 28 days. You must have had a very lenient magistrate or a good brief.
Must have been in charge although I’m still surprised the DVLA didn’t query the history of alcohol relapse tbh.


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Brief Description of Offence:
Had been depressed, struggling with social situations and basically had some drinks before driving home.

Blood Alcohol Level and Reading Type:
Bloods came back at 139, so just into the second bracket for sentencing

Mitigating Factors:
Clean motorcycle/car licence of 10 years
No criminal record or previous offences
Cooperated at roadside and hospital Previous good community standing and profession
Three character references and personal letter of apology / demonstrating remorse

Aggravating Factors:
Crashed and wrote off car
Distance drove was not short

Legal Representation at Court?:
Yes - Duty Solicitor. A long wait but was fantastic.


17 month disqualification, reduced by 25% upon completion of rehabilitation course - taking it down to 13 months.

Fine of £130, plus costs totalled approximately £240 (I can't remember the exact amount).

Offered the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course?:

Sentence Comments:
As expected, duty solicitor pushed for them to keep me on the lower end of the bracket, court said how I was clearly of good character and had glowing references, acknowledged what was written in them and said they do not think they will see me in court ever again as I was clearly extremely remorseful and understood the potential consequences of my offence (I clearly stated in my letter how I knew I could have injured somebody or caused a fatality and was ashamed of my actions.)

Would not wish this experience on anybody however if you are going through this, it WILL be okay. It really will. Just don't do it again. Ever. I certainly won't.
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