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Drink Driving-Can it get any worse???

Latin Nelson

New member
I was convicted of Drink-Driving a month ago and this is just driving me into depression. It's just unthinkable just to imagine a few months ago I was planning my holidays on my birthday (5th of April) to take my wife somewhere warm and spent some time together as I was working an average of 70 hours per week for the last 6 months as a Restaurant Manager. My wife wasn't happy about my long hours at work and we were close to split, painfully but we had decided to have a "last try-out" and spend holidays together, as an attempt to save the relationship.
I made a stupid decision, I shouldn't drive that night, but after 14 hours at work, having had a discussion earlier same week, still with the pain in my heart that I would potentially lose my marriage, I couldn't help and a took more than I should.
The police report was very inaccurate, they made up things that it has never happened, but it doesn't change the fact that I did took over the limit, so I have to shut up and listen what the judges said.
30 months ban, £1015 fine and the chance to reduce it by 6 months after a DD course.

I had a car accident 13 years ago, this was back in my country (Bolivia) which took me several years to overcome and be able to ride even a bicycle after that (I was scared of getting back on the road). I had nightmares following my accident and after my little brother died in a car accident I decided to leave the country, the blow was far too strong for a 20 years old boy.

I train so hard to be back on the roads, to overcome my fear and the statistic of cycling accidents in London. I bought an expensive life insurance so my wife could be covered just in case but in 4 years cycling, I have never got involved in any incident.

After the court hearing, I was left with a bitter feeling, nothing was the same again. I had work last 6 months in a company that was nearly bankrupt which lately under my management was getting much better. Unfortunately, my work didn't take a flexible approach to this, there was out of a sudden no trust on me or what I do (despite how much I have made for the company).
One month after and I have no job, no license and a brand new car (that cannot drive) which seems like is staring at me non stop. I'm very upset, I didnt have police records until this and now, I have to inform every interview where I go that I have a criminal record, and people start looking at me with disgust.

I start having an anxiety problem, I start eating too much, and after that, I still feel empty and carry on eating... sometimes I start understanding why people commit suicide, as the system can be like an iron fist, too hard to understand human mistakes.

I hope you guys, in the most stupid manly/womanly moment you think twice before you drink drive...it will hit you as hard as you have never imagined. Even for someone with big scars, it will be not easy to overcome the situation....don't do it mate.


New member
Latin Nelson I can relate to your situation. I would advise if you can get to a peer to peer group called Andys Man Club, you can go and chat about your situation in a non judgmental environment. I use this group and it helps be to stay alive. I was caught on Sunday 17th March 19 when I had left my home to end my life, was only just over the limit, I though some amount of humanity would be used and I would be considered not capable or responsible to make lucid decisions. Alas I am charged and looking at my life in way I not able to cope with. I shall get through this one way or the other. Get help from Mind for your mental health, good luck...