Drink driving - blew 55

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Last night I made the silly decision to drive after drinking and was stopped by police during a spot check and blew 55. I have no previous convictions and have 3 points on my driving licence for speeding 2 years ago.

During my arrest I was told by the Sargent that I was of good character and that the judge should consider this during my court case.

Does anyone know the likely verdict I will get based on this?

I live on my own and care for my 2 elderly grandparents one who is 95 and one who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. They depend on me to bring them food and personal care supplies. Will this be taken into consideration.
Thanks in advance for reading this. I am in complete despair about this so any general info etc is really appreciated.


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Hi Martin

Thank you for Responding. Please can you let me know your contact number as I wish to discuss this matter further and would like to have a solicitor present at court. Thank you Daisy
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