Drink drivers wanted for study sponsored by Department of Transport

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Just had the interview it’s your story they want and the impact on you it was non judgemental but they are also interested in the journey it was therapeutic really
I gave suggestions such as
More awareness of night before drinking in driving test and also when you renew insurance a reminder
I would encourage you all
It’s not often us dui people are listened to


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I took part last week, and also found it therapeutic, even though I have never been convicted of dd, i found this forum because a friend of mine was caught and convicted.

its only because of this forum that I realised what a big problem driving the morning after was for a lot of people and that it results in a lot of convictions. I admit that this is something that I was guilty of on a regular basis, I changed my ways about 2 years ago.

its a subject that fascinates me, (drink driving) and thoroughly enjoyed the chat I had with the researcher. The hour flew by


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This research study is all about trying to understand the circumstances that led to someone driving after drinking alcohol and I think due to the way people have been treat via the DVLA They will be very reluctant to speak or come forward and talk about anything regarding themselves there history and there lives
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