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Im currently 9 months into a 17 month and plan to take my drink drive rehabilitation course soon which will knock 17 weeks off my ban. What can i expect from this course. Can anyone who has completed this course give a taster of what to expect. Thanks


The course is a piece of piss. It basically teaches you nothing you won't already know. It is another opportunity for the DVLA to make more money.


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Just finished my course and found it very helpfull being self employed the ban has almost sent me to the poor house lost lots of customers, still have to pay my income tax in advance on what i earned before the ban!.what the course does is educate you about the dangers of drink driving and that the only safe limit is zero alcohol, i did'nt know that you can still be banned from driving even if you pass the evidential breath test, it also gives you information on how to back calculate your alcohol so you don't get done in the morning one of my friends has just recived a 3 year ban for a second offence he was stopped in a vehicle check at 10.30 am.I know the police are targeting the mornings (especialy if you drive a white builders van like i do).i was supprised at the kind of people who were there they came from all walks of life and we all had the same tail of woe. lol
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