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Some time back I drove my car through a neighbour's fence during the early hours. In order to do so I would have to have travelled across a public road, which (foolishly) I admitted to. The road is about ten feet across, and nobody was injured. No witnesses either. It's a very quiet cul-de-sac.

I took all the correct actions - woke my neighbour, reported myself to the police, co-operated with them all the way.

While I was waiting for the police to arrive I drank more, so I was arrested and blew way over. The back-calculations have come back saying I was "probably" almost double the limit at the time of driving. I am surprised as this is partially based on estimates I made in the interview about the times and amounts of alcohol involved.

I am also taking medication which list "confusion" as a possible side-effect. I was definitely confused on the day but details of what I did might give links to who I am.

I'm due in court in a week. I've got over 50 pages of PDF - the witness statements don't match my recollection and the police statements seem heavily biased.

I have a solicitor who hasn't communicated much but I'll be phoning them tomorrow. Is it normal to not have a meeting when we're due in court in a week?
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