do dvla know what there doing


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Got my medical in brighton this saturday,really worried.
a little about myself i was diagnosed bipolar 8 years ago and being diagnosed late in life have abused alcohol for most of my adult life never been dependent over a long period of time just on the feeling down times those with the condition will understand.
In 2016 i was sectioned under the mental health act and for alcohol dependence (wasnt dependent just going through a bad time)
in early 2017 with a messy break up with my partner she dicided to inform DVLA of my condition and allso that i drank and drove regulary
I was asked to go for a medical and was issued with a 1 year medical licence ,i informed my insurance companys for my car and motorcycle with no issues to my insurance premium.
in july 2018 dvla sent me reapplication forms witch i filled in honestly (big mistake).
My medical licence was due to run out in september i heard nothing so contacted them in october and was told to not worry as they were waiting for my Drs report and was still able to drive.
After contacting the dvla many times i got an answer to my concerns and was told that the law had changed and that because i had a history of alcohol dependence (back in 2016) i had to be alcohol free for two years.
This carried on still able to drive until the day i returned from a charity parachute jump in march 2019 to a letter from dvla saying YOU MUST NOT DRIVE
licence Revoked contacted dvla my dr sent letter medication doesnt affect ability to drive no evidence of dependence ,had a clean licence for 36 years.
Since march lost job dont take my daughter out as much sold my car to pay rent .
writing this as really fed up just got a letter from landlord to vacate property (whats next)

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