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Do drink-driving offences in the UK apply abroad?


New member

I would like to know how UK drink driving penalties apply abroad.

I understand that for codes DR10 to DR30, you cannot drive abroad for the period you are disqualified.

But for codes DR40 to DR70, if the magistrates impose a fine and points on your licence instead of a ban, does this mean you can still drive elsewhere in the EU or further afield?



TTC Group
For DR40 orDR70 offences then a disqualification is discretional. If a ban is not imposed, then 10 points ( DR40) or 4 points (DR70) are mandatory.
Because you still have a UK licence, you can still drive in any country in the EU, or any other country that recognises a UK licence.
You may have a problem with hiring cars abroad. Almost all will not hire a car to a person disqualified for drink driving for 5 years. Many have a police about the number of points or endorsements that they will allow. if you are planning to hire, I suggest you check with the hiring company before you travel, especially if you have the 10 points. A local hire company rather than an international hire one might be better as they would only look for local convictions. The international companies are well versed in the penalty systems employed in different countries and would understand the seriousness of 10 points on a UK licence.


New member
Ah, I take it the 5-year thing is about the time period of convictions before they become "spent"... Thanks very much for this. That clears up some confusion.