Delays with DVLA

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Good morning
I was disqaulified from driving due to drink driving .
My ban start date was 27 Nov 2019 and end date is 26 December 2021, I have been stone sober for over two years.
DVLA have confirmed a few months ago that they have had all the documents back from my GP.
I am due to go back to my original job as a sales rep which means I need my licence asap.
My employer was fair enough to have me grounded in the office due to not having a licence AND while covid cases where high.
Now that things are getting back to some normality they are requesting I go back on the road.
I have just got off the phone to DVLA today and they have stated that my case was set to priority however this was done around 2 weeks ago and still DVLA are saying they are working through the cases.
I have been told by DVLA that I cannot drive until I hear back from them.

Would a well written letter from a solicitor like yourselves be helpful in pushing my case along?
I am getting desperate, bills are mounting up and really could do with my license back asap.
I have been abstinent from alcohol for over 2 years, this December 2022 will be by 3 year anniversary.
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