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Convicted Driver Insurance

Medicine Man

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Hello all,

In the next few weeks, I’ll be at the stage whereby I won’t have to declare either of my convictions to insurance companies for the purposes of getting a quote. It’s been a long few years and it’ll be good to put the whole thing well and truly behind me and move on.

That being said, both convictions will remain on my license for another few years before I can apply to have them removed (4 and 6), so what can insurance companies actually see? I have declared my license number on recent quotes so they can see my details that way, but how much can they actually see on the motor insurers database?

Also, as both convictions will be expired for the purposes of insurance, if I did have an accident at a later date (not that I’m planning to whatsoever) would they be able to employ some form of scumbag tactics and use either conviction against me to void my policy, despite them being ‘spent’? I’ve done a cursory search and there’s a few horror stories out there of people being in that precise situation, albeit with one well-known company known to shaft their customers (Admiral!).

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