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Hello, i was wondering if you get points on your licence after the driving ban is over, and how bad is the criminal record for driving jobs? I had kinda planned to do my LGV licence but not sure if thats gonna just go tits up now :p


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You don't get any points on your license but the endorsement stays there for 11 years I think. As far as your criminal record goes, this is spent after 5 years. Both amounts start from the conviction date.

For insurance purposes, you have a clean license after 5 years unless you are asked to declare offences outside that period - pretty sure that is unlawful though.

Your biggest problem with an HGV might be the fact that no one will employ you whilst a DR10 is on your license.

Oh, and forget any ideas about visiting Canada or appearing on the weakest link - won't happen ;)
11 years, surely this is a joke? Sex offenders probably get off lighter.

I am the first person to admit ive done wrong and deserve punushment, but thats far too far. Going to put me in the poorhouse for 11 years, looks like im going to have to stay and stack tesco freezer shelves for the rest of my life or maybe take up cockle picking. Pfffft 5 years would be so much fairer.....

I completely know i have done very wrong but 11 years is just a joke... Would rather go to the slammer for 6 months in all honesty


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i know of someone who has had various drink drive related endorsments/bans who now works for someone like Green Flag/AA/RAC driving recovery vehicles.

So it is possible to get a driving job but really is down to individual employer.

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