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Court in June


New member
I was breath tested on December 16th 2019. Had to give blood as I have autism and went into crisis so was sent to hospital. Results came back as 83mg. I’m due in court June 18th 2020
There were lots of attributing factors to that night. No excuses for drink driving I know I made the biggest mistake of my life. I’m currently in debt due to being attacked back in June 2019 (car stolen and phone plus fractured jaw. I still owe for the car and for the phone and a stolen radio) I am a key worker in the gas industry and without my car will be unable to work due to the location of the job (no bus route too far to walk or cycle)
Will I definitely lose my license? I’ve already tried to harm myself twice since the arrest with over doses. I’ve since started new medication for my adhd and autism and Lao am now under a mental health nurse.

Martin Hammond

Good afternoon.

Firstly I'm sorry to hear you are having problems, I hope you are ok.

It is likely that you will lose your licence for some period of time I'm afraid but the Courts are very understanding and you should definitely make sure they understand your circumstances.

Try speak to the duty solicitor who I'm sure will be happy to speak for you, to the Court.

Best of luck