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My son received notification of charges on Sunday relating to an incident on the 4th November 2020. Court date set 12th April.

4 x charges two for possession of class A and B and. two for driving under the influence on class A and B

On the letter there is a section of discount for early plea Of guilty which we have wittier a statement outlining the circumstances around this incident, his remorse and his character.. first time offence Etc

Couple of questions .

1. Do we sent this letter to the court and the prosecutor primo to court date?
2. Will he need to attend court if we send this off.
3. What kind of punishment do you think this offence will get.
4. Charge letter said statement of means attached but this wasn’t, should he print a copy off and attach to the early plea letter?

Would really appreciate any advice, tried numerous numbers today and have got nowhere. If you need to see charges letter and letter drafted for early plea of guilty please let me know.

Thank you in advance

Martin Hammond

Good afternoon,

The answers are as follows.

1. No, just take them with you on the day. They wouldn't read them prior to the hearing even if you sent them.

2. Yes, he will most certainly be on bail but either way he has to attend Court.

3. It is impossible to say without knowing all the circumstances and readings etc. but he is looking at very least a 12 month disqualification and fine.

4. Yes, send it off with the letter and take it to Court as well. This is how the level of fine is assessed.

Good luck.

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