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Hello all,

I was banned in January 2013 for being in charge of a vehicle while above the limit (was sleeping it off, doh) and actually drink driving a week later; yep, that was stupid of me. I'm only grateful that I was unharmed during this incident and no-one else was too, I basically collided with a roundabout at 4am in the morning, the snowy weather conditions certainly didn't help either - but won't blame it on that :rolleyes:.

I was given a 36 month driving ban and a community order of ~200 hours. I completed the community order near the start of the year. I've certainly learnt my lesson.

I was also given the opportunity to reduce my ban by 25% (9 months), this is something I wish to do the start of 2014. My issue is that I no longer reside in the area I was convicted (South Wales). I now live in the London area and have found a local course provider. I was enquiring to whether if I'm able to complete the course here? Just to note, the DVLA or courts do not hold my current new address - do they need it, prior to me applying for my license back?

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I was the same in that the driving licence was at a different address to my current address.
Just write to them requesting the address change.

If you tell your new course provider about your wish to change to a different provider they should do that for you, mine did anyway, I suppose they are taking the cash from you so its in their interests to help you transfer to them.

good luck mate
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