Completed course/disqualification over. Key worker still no licence??

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Hoping someone can help on here. I completed my DDR course November 19 to reduce my ban by 4 months. Disqualification ended 3/5/2020, however I still can't drive nearly 1 month later. I sent my application renewal in before lockdown (yes, this has been dragged on since middle of march). I appreciate that during these unprecedented times circumstances change, however being a key worker I have following every procedure and been told lies and misleading information by rude DVLA jobsworths!! I am getting absolutely nowhere. Can I claim any money back for a course that I have completed and paid for?? Waste of money and time so far and quite frankly a kick in the balls. Afterall I did wrong and served my punishment but now I'm being punished more through no fault of my own. Please someone give me some good advice???


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Hi har84

I am in a very similar situation as you and I'm also a critical worker, my ban was finished on the 30th of April and the DVLA has give me nothing but the run around, I've been told multiple stories by many of there staff, here is a few (1 can you see if you can get a private medical) (2 dvla are wavering a lot of medicals) (3 your details are with the dvla doctor).
Apparently none of this is true and being a critical worker makes no difference even with all the paperwork and evidence, I am now writing to my MP to put a case together,
Anyway in the meantime the messages they send you are just copied and pasted of what they send to you apart from the date, here is one of many that I have recieved below.

Thank you for your enquiry received on 25/5/2020.
Your case reference number is ( )

Thank you for getting back in touch with us.

As advised on our previous email, we have a very limited number of staff on-site. We are prioritising applications relating to HGV drivers and critical workers to make sure they get any documentation they need as quickly as possible.

Please continue to check if your licence has been issued by using our view driving licence service:

The ‘licence valid from date’ will be the date your last licence was issued. Please allow 2 weeks from this date to receive your licence.

If you applied online, you can track the progress here:

I am sorry there is no timescale we can provide at the moment.

We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.
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