Cheapest Insurer for DG40?

Convicted Driver Insurance



Can anyone recommend where to find cheaper insurance after being convicted?

SP30 - 06/2018

SP30 - 10/2018

DG40 - 11/2019

TT99 - 02/2021

After being found guilty of in charge of vehicle under the influence of drugs I was given 10 points. I already had 6 so I got a totting up ban and the magistrate banned me for 3 months (extreme hardship)

My ban is up in a few weeks and haven't found anything under £3,500 (used to be £1000).
Are there any insurers who are known to be cheaper?

Also do I declare all 4 of the above convictions? Or due to totting up ban I now have 0 points?

Any advice would be appreciated!


TTC Group
The situation on points that are ‘wiped’ after a TT99 are clear.... as mud!
Technically the points have been ‘wiped’ from your licence.
For insurance purposes though they ask about convictions, and this applies for 5 years if your licence is endorsed.

Have a look at what the .gov website does to explain the situation about when the elements of motoring convictions become spent:

An adult is convicted of a road traffic offence, and the court imposes a fine (rehabilitation period 1 year), an endorsement (rehabilitation period 5 years), penalty points (rehabilitation period 3 years) and driving disqualification for 1 year (rehabilitation period 1 year); the rehabilitation period for this conviction will be 5 years because the endorsement carries the longest rehabilitation period.”
So although the indication is that following a totting up ban the points are ‘wiped’ this only really means for totting up purposes, the ‘endorsement’ from the court remains and the conviction has not been erased, so the declaration time is still 5 years from when each endorsement was put on your licence.

Unfortunately the £3,500 will be about par for the course after a totting up ban, you could try speaking to a broker direct rather than online searches. I have seen good results from Henshalls, see the link, but I do not have experience of if they can help after totting up bans:

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