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CDT test


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Hi. Two years ago I had a sezuire and was subsequently banned from driving for 1 year. After numerous delays (GP errors) I got my licence back after nearly 2 years. This extended limbo didn't do my life and mental health any favours. One month after regaining my licence I was requested to have a full medical by the dvla. Urine (for drugs I assume) and Blood (for carbohydrate deficient transferrin, I assume). My CDT level was 3.3%. This acording to the dvla make me an alcoholic and they have once again revoked my licence. I would argue that this result is not typical since the test has coincided with a period of non-typical drinking (stag doos, BBQs, 2 holidays etc)

I have the option to appeal to the courts. How best to do this? Currently I envisage getting an independent CDT test which shows <1%CDT. Where and how much would this cost?

How to make my chances of success more likely?

The DVLA consider the impact of alcohol on two levels:

1. Misuse; and
2. Dependency

The definitions are loosely defined and allows an interpretation of this type of 'non-typical drinking' to be categorised as alcohol 'misuse'. The DVLA relies on the following definition to categorise 'misuse':

"A state that causes, because of consumption of alcohol, disturbance of behaviour, related disease or other consequences likely to cause the patient, their family or society present or future harm and that may or may not be associated with dependence."

A full review of your file would be necessary before deciding if this would be appealable. You can speak with your GP regarding a CDT test. The period of revocation for misuse is usually 6 months and you would need to show 6 months sustained normalisation of blood parameters (CDT results) before licence would be reinstated.