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Hi all,
Three weeks ago I got pulled over for speeding and the officer decided to let me off with a caution but just before he let me off he asked me to take an alcohol and drug test. I passed the alcohol test but unfortunately failed the drug test for cannabis. I am a daily smoker but had not smoked on that day, only the previous night. I did not feel the least bit impaired and was sure I was going to pass it as I only had a small amount to smoke the night before but I was shocked when I failed it.
Got taken to a police station and had the worst 4 hours of my life. Obviously, I am free to drive until the blood results come back but as I have been a daily smoker for a long time now I am worried the test might come back massively above the limit(unfortunately that's the way cannabis works in the system).
I understand my mistake although I do think the limit is extremely low(apparently it's a 1/40th of Alcohol). I have told my employer and he said he will keep me and has been quite supportive but unfortunately, I can see this affecting my pay( pay review coming up soon).
I have never had any trouble with the police, but I am really worried that my ban might be longer than 12 months, I am also worried about what my career prospects will be like from now on considering I will have a criminal record.
I work in an engineering job and I do actually drive a lot for work(although I am using my personal car), does anybody have a similar experience? How did they find the courts and how badly were their career prospects affected? Is it worth getting a solicitor to try and keep the ban to its minimum? There are lawyers out there who claim they can challenge the accuracy of the test and all that but they are ludicrously expensive and I really doubt they will be able to get me out of it.
Thanks in advance for anyone's time

Personally as you’ve mentioned you use cannabis daily, so no doubt the limit (may) come back over.

If it does considering you were pulled, no accidents or aggravating factors it is most likely a 12 month ban, that being said the ban goes up with the level of reading so be prepared.

The only thing you can do to lower the ban is mitigation and letters from employers, family and friends, solicitors will promise the world unfortunately but by the reading off your post the police have done everything correctly and haven’t broken procedures so please be aware of the solicitors that say “we can challenge XYZ” and you still end up with a ban and a whopping bill from the solicitors
Thanks for your response mate,
Just out of curiosity do you know how this might affect my future employment,
Thanks in advance
It totally depends on the employer in all honesty, a drink/drug driving conviction will remain declarable for 5 years until spent some companies ask, some dont
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