Can't get car insured....TT99,BA10,IN10...

Convicted Driver Insurance


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I'm in desperate need of help, no car insurance is willing to insure me with my previous convictions.

IN10 6th October 2016

BA10 2016 6th October

IN10 11th Feb 2016

BA10 11th Feb 2016

and TT99 Nov 27th 2015.

Is there a specific car insurance company that will accept me and not rip me off! I'm willing to pay £2000 PA. I've called a lot car insurance today, and all of them turned me down.



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I'm with Adrian Flux insurance

I haven't called them yet, but have called a lot of insurers all day long, either they are way too expensive in the region of £5000! or they can't insure me at all.

What previous convictions did you have?


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I was a HRO drink driving and they specialise in that. My first insurance was £465.00 last year and this year inhaggled and got it for £285


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Insurance is normally a numbers game. Is there a reason you didn't receive a second totting ban for the two subsequent offences? Did you receive bans rather than points? Because this may be what is making insurance difficult, they are flagging it up as potential fraud, normally you would get 6pts a piece.


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Try this company, ring them and they will look for you. They have been good with Drink Drive convictions that other companies have shied away from in the past......:
Gower House, 14-16 High St,
Newport, Telford, Shropshire TF10 7AN
T 01952 820 358

How old are you? The conviction list looks bad, and if you are under 25 then £2000 is very optimistic!


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Sorry for the late response. I have some good news, after making numerous phone calls back and forth I came across one insurance company. The name of the insurer is Insurance Revolution, they were the only company that agreed on a price of £2700, works out £271 per month. Still expensive but extremely cheap compared to others.

Thanks for the help and advice.
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