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Hi, I was on way from tattoo shop, I smoked half a joint on the way back id say literally 15 minutes after I was pulled over, due to "cloned plates" they tested me roadside I came up positive, they took me station and it took around an hour and half to get me to the station, to be blooded tested. Incident was on the 30th September 2020, I've had court letter 2 days ago (02/03/21). My court date is the 17/03/21. I was also only blood tested at 2.4MG (a low number) and i was a frequent user. My licence is crucial to my lifestyle as I run a window cleaning business, Looking for a representative and some guidance please, Thankyou

(Could I not just say I was using cannabis oil?) As of the time I didn't not feel under the influence at all... Aswell as being just .4 over the limit is quite sad!! Or could I just say I smoked it on way to the tattoo shop, in the morning a possible ban over a little as 0.4 MG is kinda OTT tbh. Thinking of pleading not guilty as I didn't feel under the limit at all. Thanks for reading
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Martin Hammond

Good morning,

Firstly, I have to say that pleading not guilty because you felt ok (or using oil etc.) are not wise moves in my opinion. As far as the Courts are concerned if they have a reading over the limit and evidence of driving, then in most cases you would be convicted, and pleading not guilty would increase the sentence once convicted. The only way to defend a case such as this is to hire a specialist lawyer to investigate the procedure which can often by successful but I have to warn you that it is also usually quite costly.

I hope this information helps.

Kind regards
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