Cancelling insurance policy

Convicted Driver Insurance



so I told my insurance company about my crash to public property after failing to stop for police ...

they told me that they will investigate this and get a report from the police and there is a chance they may cancel my

fair enough...

but is it better if I cancel the insurance policy myself rather than my insurance company giving me a call back in a week to say they are cancelling it ?

From my understanding, if an insurance company cancels your policy it can be much harder to get insured in the future...

I have no reason to keep the policy as the car is written off so shall I cancel the policy first before they do...

As if the insurance company cancel it after getting a police report it can make my future more difficult to get insured ... what do you suggest ?


TTC Group
I would go for cancelling it myself, rather than waiting for them to cancel.
The future question is “Have you ever had a policy cancelled?” Not “Have you ever cancelled a policy?”
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