Can the Rehab course be asked for?

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My Nieces BF is in court next month, he is keen to be offered the rehab course, so he can reduce his ban term. I've read that it's usually offered, however if it is not, can he ask for it?

I'm assuming that if it isn't offered there is reason behind that, but will it cause an issue if he did ask?
Any advice or experiences gratefully received.


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Yes make a note to remind yourself to ask for it in court, usually the court will offer but can be forgetful, so do ask as it can reduce the ban by 25%, I think they stop offering the course if you are a continuos drink driver......


Depends.. Court may offer depending on severity of his alcohol reading and if not a second offence possibly i don't know. I often say show remorse no matter what and turn up looking smart a suit preferably. I had a solicitor to speak on my behalf as was scared stiff. Solicitor may hav at least pleaded on my behalf and also constructed my statement better than I cud have on the day. Actually he and the Prosecuter agreed not to mention sumthin the cops had stated that would have severely impacted on my sentence had the Magistrate heard ??? I did get offered the rehab drive course and ban from drivin 1 year 4mths I think plus a fine I paid immediately... Good luck


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You are right for him to ask for the course if it is not offered.
The magistrates are human and sometimes forget to offer it.
Asking for the course will have no impact because the procedure is that the length of the ban is given in court, THEN the course is offered, so if they were to be upset by the request, the length of the ban is already fixed.......
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