Can I take on my own insurance on car that's already insured?

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Drew B

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So, my license will be valid next month. I have no car at present.
Mum is going away for 5 months in Oct and she is insured LV - same as me prior to my crash.
I don't want to get a 'new' car when I have to take of hers whilst she is away, but I don't want to add myself on her policy and trigger anything that may come after me.
(I have posted earlier thread about this - the other drivers insurance wants to split the cost).

Can I take out a separate insurance on my mum's car, in my name?


TTC Group
Insurance companies will not insure you as a policy holder on a car you have no financial interest in, and there would also be the issue of your mum having insurance on the car as well. You certainly cannot have 2 policies covering the one car. It would flag up on the insurance database and make them think you were going to try multiple claims.....

Drew B

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Thank you Price... if mum cancels her insurance and then I insure as 1st person is that ok? Does it matter, in terms on insurance, if mum is the registered keeper? (that was asked on the comparison website)


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Could you not get added as an additional driver? And then could potentially change yourself to main driver while she’s away ?

Drew B

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Afraid not, Mr-
Mum is with the same insurance company I was with, and as I was involved in a crash there is still an 'open' issue against me :( I don't want to go on her policy and remind them about me
After looking into it further I am going to buy her car off her, take out my own insurance and put her as named driver when she comes back
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