Can duty solicitors represent you for mitigation?

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Not sure how the legal system works. I’m aware I will be entitled to a duty solicitor at court, and after seeking legal advice from a law firm specialising in motoring offences, was advised to have someone represent me to shorten my ban. Is this something a duty solicitor can do just as well as anyone else? I can’t really afford to hire a private solicitor. However, I will be convicted ofdeicing over the prescribed limit of cocaine 11/mcg, benzoylecgonine 90/mcg and ketamine 79/mcg. My driving was not impaired and my tolerance to these substances is extremely high and I drove quite some time after ingestion, my driving was not impaired, as stated by the police. But my blood was over the legal limit. I am in the process of applying for a university degree, for which I am required to disclose my criminal record. I have already ruined my chances enough with the conviction. I don’t want the length of the ban to affect my chance of a place and especially placement opportunities.
Whilst it is possible for you to go to court and find a duty solicitor who is able to represent you, this cannot be guaranteed. Duty solicitors can often be engaged with dealing with defendants who have been remanded in custody or those who are serious risks of custody.

There is a statutory minimum ban of 12 months for this type of offence. There are no definitive guidelines for this offence but the detection of more than one drug would aggravate any penalty. I would recommend, whether you are represented or not, that you obtain some character references to help highlight some of the positive elements of your background and also to highlight the incidental consequences associated with the conviction. Character references can be from friends and family, employers, or other contacts who are of a position of standing in the community.
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