Binge drinking culture

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I think there is defintely a binge drinking culture in britain. Certainly in my local town on a weekend you will see people both young and old, falling about, throwing up, being loud and obnoxious. Many people just dont know when to stop drinking. Alcohol is highly addictive and can damage our bodies if not drunk in moderation, yet so many people go overboard.


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It is the same where I live. I enjoy a good drink, but I know my limit. A good night is not a night where you cannot remember much about the night before and make an absolute fool of yourself in the process. Mind you, im sure the majority of us have been there and done that, especially when we were younger.
Drinker shrugs off any responsibility, wastes good money and gets involved in actions considered dangerous. Have you noticed that most of the binge drinking is a phenomenon that's been around for a very long time. However, it used to mean heavy alcohol drinking over a period of several days. These days the term has evolved, and the time frame involved has decreased to a single drinking occasion, usually within a couple of hours.


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It's because of binge drinking that i've got in the mess i have.
I can take it or leave it. But once i start i don't stop until i'm well and truly full.
I've tried going out for a couple, But then i'll get home and crack open the wine.
The only thing that has sorted me out is stopping alltogether. It's the only way for me.
I wish it wasn't as i like to socialise.


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Yes very interesting, I know when I started going out, we went out to socialise and have a few drinks ( occasionally getting very drunk in the process).
I think how that differs from the kids nowadays is they go out with the express sole purpose of getting completely drunk.
Unfortunately in most town centres at throwing out time now we see men shooting and fighting and women flashing knickers, acting non lady like etc.

This is a big problem that I cant see getting any better, just worry for my kids now.
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