Banned on medical grounds

Convicted Driver Insurance


I have been banned for driving for 6 months. It is not alchool related.

In July i was having an accident. I lost my conscious. I belive it was because of turning on the air conditioning and some refrigerant leaking (it was regasesd one week before at Kiwik), and after i turn my air conditioning on all four ocupants of the car lost consciousnes in the same time. 3 adults, one child. So it has nothing to do with my health. But DVLA told me that they have recieved medical informations that i was having a blackout and i have to stop driving for 6 months.

My problem is that they can not have other "medical information" but only police report, and ambulance report.

They did not discused with me, and no neurological tests were done.

I know my medical record, back in Romania beeing alowed to travel as a fotographer in fighter jets, at supersonic speed, and up to 9G. Also i was 12 years volunteer first aid responder and i know from experience at car accidents (attendend a few houndreds in my career as a volunteer first aid responder) that leaks from air conditioning can lead to loosing conscious.

How can i fight back and take my licence back as soon as posiblle.

Because the policeman, and the paramedics they don't have the qualification to put a neurological diagnostic.

Excuse my bad english but is not my primary language.